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  1. Ian MacDonald

    I had PC problems which were diagnosed quickly, the offending Windows upgrade software removed and my PC restored back to normal. Excellent service. I know who to call if I have PC issues.

  2. Excellent service. Punctual and reasonably priced. Geraint was thorough, explained in terms I understood and fixed my computer as it was very slow. It is an old laptop but is now running much faster than it was. Would recommend them.

  3. Suzanne Meredith

    We were having issues with my daughters laptop which she was using for schoolwork. It was running very slow and took a very long time to start up and to open applications (it was basically unusable) .

    Geriant made sure that the laptop itself was in working order and then went on (patiently) clean the files and run the updates (which did take along time to do) and check for viruses where he did find and remove. There was no secrecy in what he was doing as he did explain what he was doing and then showed me and my daughter how to avoid the laptop getting into the same state. After scans and virus removal and restarts the computer started up faster and faster. He then removed unnecessary programs that came with the laptop and now it works 🙂

  4. Lee-Ann Scholz

    I had a extrememly slow laptop and had many people take a look before I contacted Geriant. Geriant fixed the problem in no time, was extrememly patient, efficient and professional. Will always use Geriant in the future.

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